La vendetta di Lady Morgan

La vendetta di Lady Morgan lit.Lady Morgans Vengeance is a 1965 Italian horror film directed by Massimo Pupillo and written by Gianni Grimaldi.

La vendetta di Lady Morgan was distributed in Italy by I.N.D.I.E.F. when it was released on December 16, 1965. It grossed a total of 61 million Italian lire. Unlike Pupillos other horror films, La vendetta di Lady Blackhouse was only shown domestically in West Germany in 1967.The film was the last horror film Pupillo directed stating that he wasnt interested in making any more films in the genre and turned down propositions to make any others. Pupillo spoke on the topic, explaining that I started in the horror genre because I wanted to get out of documentaries, I wanted to enter the commercial market. In Italy, when you do a certain type of film, you become labelled and you cant do anything else. I remember one day, a producer called me to do a film only because the other producers told him he had to get either Mario Bava or me. When I understood this, I felt dead. ........

Source: Wikipedia