Le Petit Nicolas (film)

Little Nicholas French Le Petit Nicolas is a 2009 FrenchBelgian family comedy film produced by Olivier Delbosc, Marc Missonnier, Genevieve Lemal and Alexandre Lippens, coproduced by Fidlit Productions, Wild Bunch, M6 Films, Mandarin Films and Scope Pictures, written by Laurent Tirard, Grgoire Vigneron and Alain Chabat, edited by Valrie Deseine with music by Klaus Badelt and directed by Tirard. It is based on a series of childrens books by Ren Goscinny. The film stars Maxime Godart, Valrie Lemercier, Kad Merad, Sandrine Kiberlain, FranoisXavier Demaison, Daniel Prvost, Michel Galabru, Anmone, Franois Damiens, Victor Carles, Damien Ferdel, Vincent Claude, Charles Vaillant, Benjamin Averty, Germain Petit Damico, Virgil Tirard and Michel Duchaussoy. The film was theatrically released in France onSeptember 2009 by Wild Bunch Distribution, Central Film and EOne Films. The film received mostly positive reviews from critics and it earned 100,812,504 on a 22.7 million budget. It also received a Cinema Brazil Grand Prize nomination for Best ForeignLanguage Film. The film was released on DVD and Bluray onFebruary 2010 by Wild Side Video. A sequel to the film, Nicholas on Holiday, was released onJuly 2014.

Producers Olivier Delbosc and Marc Missonnier from Fidelity Films offered Laurent Tirard the project, who immediately accepted it as he has grown up with the characters from the story. Talking about that he said that It is, however, struck me as obvious. I grew up with Le Petit Nicolas. I read it when I was a teenager. This work represents me and speaks to me. I immediately knew what the film would look like. He further added that the character of the Nicolas was very personal to Ren Goscinny, I knew that the key would be to adapt the both in his work and in his life, so I tried to understand the character of Ren Goscinny . This was someone who was looking for his place in society, and he had to win through laughter. At the time he was an accountant, his pleasure was to think it was the grain of sand that would make all the rails. He had a taste for the mess and realized that laughter could be both a defense a society where you do not feel out of place and a way to insert. These are things that I read between the lines of his biographies and spoke to me. The little boy looking for his place in society has become the axis on which to build the story.OnApril 2008 it was announced that Valerie Lemercier and Kad Merad have joined the cast of the film as Nicloass mother and father. Maxime Godart was cast as the main protagonist Nicolas. Tirard said about his casting that Maxime Godart has a very clear vision of the place he wants to be in the company of what he wants to do with his life. With his outgoing personality, I thought he would not be afraid in front of the camera. But it happened the other way around. The first day, when huge crane arm with a camera approached him for a first round crank, he was petrified Chez Maxime, even more than in other children, the desire and the pleasure of playing were great. He never gave any sign of fatigue or expressed the need to stop. Triard also cast his own son Virgil Triard as Joachim, one of Nicolass friend and

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