Lebanon (2009 film)

Lebanon Hebrew Lebanon The Soldiers Journey in the UK is an Israeli war film directed by Samuel Maoz. It won the Leone dOro at the 66th Venice International Film Festival, becoming the first Israeliproduced film to have won that honour. In Israel itself the film has caused some controversy. The film was nominated forOphir Awards, including Best Film. The film also won the 14th Annual Satyajit Ray Award.

The film depicts warfare as witnessed exclusively from the inside of a tank. The crews window to the outside world is a gunsight. As a way of adding realism to the effect, every change in the horizontal and vertical viewing directions is accompanied by the hydraulic whine of the traversing gun turret. The film is set during the 1982 Lebanon War. There are four Israeli soldiers inside the driver in the tanks hull, the loader, the gunner and the commander in the turret. For part of the time there is also the body of a dead Israeli soldier kept there until it is airlifted away, a Syrian POW, a visiting higher officer, and a visiting Phalangist Lebanese Maronite Catholic allied with Israel who threatens the POW with torture and a gruesome death.The soldiers are ordered to clear an area of Lebanese personnel. They are instructed to include the use of phosphorus grenades that are forbidden by international treaty. ........

Source: Wikipedia