Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers

Lego The Adventures of Clutch Powers also known as The Adventures of Clutch Powers is a 2010 BritishAmerican CGI animated comedyadventure film. The film is based on the Lego toy series. Its the first movie in the Clutch Powers series.

The film starts with a man named Clutch Powers, with the Thunder Driller, looking for a power crystal. He sees a variety of them, but finally sees a large one. He grabs it and suddenly, the Queen Rock Monster wakes up and chases Clutch to her underground headquarters. Clutch escapes, and returns to Lego City and hands the crystal to his boss Kjeld Playwell Paul Michael Glaser who assigns him some new teammates Brick Masterson Roger Rose, a firefighter, weapons specialist, and demolition expert Peg Mooring Yvonne Strahovski a biologist, and Bernie von Beam Jeff Bennett an engineer. Playwell informs of an incident in the Space Police prison planet when chaos occurs regarding to the imprisonment of the three most wanted criminals in the Lego galaxy. Clutch and his team investigate the situation at once, despite the teams lack of cooperation and Clutchs intent of working alone. They soon arrive at the planet.They see that someone is stuck in one of the prisoners cells, but they are attacked by an unseen wizard, who was one of the criminals leading the other two. The criminals then disappear and Clutch and his friends break the person out of the cell, revealing himself to be the Watch Commander. Clutch and his team attempt to go after the criminals, though the Watch Commander comforts them by stating that he has pulled off the spark plugs of all ships to ensure that the criminals will never escape from the planet. Unfortunately, the criminals have taken the teams ship due to the team having left it open after squabbling with each other and destroy the other ships, inciting the Watch Commander to berate the team for their arguing and their lack of cooperation. Feeling guilty, Clutch decides to take action and builds a new ship for the team to move on, declaring that a team arguing with each other while being ordered to do their tasks is the sole reason why he always works alone. During the trip back, the team is informed by Playwell that the symbol refers to Omega, one o

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