Lhasa de Sela

Lhasa de Sela , also known by the mononym Lhasa, was an Americanborn singersongwriter who was raised in Mexico and the United States, and divided her adult life between Canada and France. Her first album, La Llorona, went platinum in Canada and brought Lhasa a Flix Award and a Juno Award.

Lhasa was born in Big Indian, New York, of a Mexican father, language instructor Alejandro Alex Sela, and an American mother, photographer and actress Alexandra Karam. According to Lhasa, her hippie parents did not give her a name until the age of five months her mother was reading a book about Tibet and the word Lhasa just grabbed her as the right name for the baby girl. Lhasas maternal grandmother was Elena Karam , an actress best known for her leading role in Elia Kazans film America America. Her paternal grandmother was Carmen de Obarrio , a Panamanian pianist who studied in Los Angeles with Egon Petri, and with Edgar Varse in San Francisco. Lhasa had a Lebanese greatgrandfather named Basel who sang in six languages. Her mother played harp and her father played flute. Her first decade was spent crisscrossing the United States and Mexico, living and traveling in a converted school bus with her parents and siblings, homeschooled by her mother. Both her parents spoke fluent Spanish, b

Source: Wikipedia