Life Is Cool (film)

Life Is Cool Korean rr Geunyeoneun Yeppeotda lit. She Was Beautiful is a 2008 South Korean romance animated film, and is the first rotoscoped film from that country. This films visual style was influenced from Richard Linklaters two films, Waking Life 2001 and A Scanner Darkly 2006.

Life Is Cool was one of four films produced by CJ Entertainment to receive investment from Keyeast, a media contents company coestablished by actor Bae Yongjoon. Although actual shooting only lasted for one month, it then took almost two years and 140 artists to complete the rotoscoping, a technique in which animators traced over live action footage frame by frame. Visual effects were created by local production company DNA, who had previously worked on The Animatrix.Director Choi Equan has said that he was inspired by the Richard Linklaters film Waking Life, and that the films plot was based on a reallife story of one of his friends. ........

Source: Wikipedia