Lolita Files

Lolita Files is a contemporary AfricanAmerican author, screenwriter, and producer. Among her six bestselling novels are book club favorites Scenes from a Sistah and Child of God. Her sixth novel, sex.lies.murder.fame was optioned for film by Carolyn Folks for Entertainment Studios with Files adapting the screenplay. She also cowrote the adaptation of awardwinning novelistplaywrightessayistpoet Pearl Cleages bestselling book, Babylon Sisters, to be directed by critically acclaimed filmmaker, artist, and educator Ayoka Chenzira.

Lolita Files was born in Fort Lauderdale, FL, on September 25, 1963 to Lillie Belle and Arthur James Files, Sr. , whod met as teenagers and married a few years later in 1960 in the Delta town of Anguilla, Mississippi. Seeking to escape the oppression of the Jim Crow South, in 1961, Arthur and Lillie moved to Fort Lauderdale. Arthurs older brother, Louis, had moved there a year earlier and told of greater opportunities for blacks than could be found in Mississippi. On September 14, 1961, not long after getting settled in the beach town they now called home, Lillie gave birth to a son, Arthur James Files, Jr. . Lolita followed two years later. She was named by her mother after the Stanley Kubrick film Lolita . Files mother neither saw the film nor had read the book, and therefore had no idea of the suggestive meaning Lolita had come to have in pop culture because of the book and film. She simply liked the name.

Source: Wikipedia