Looty is a 2001 Tamil comedy film directed by Parameswar. The film features Sathyaraj, Roja and Mumtaj in lead roles. The film, produced by V. A. Durai, had musical score by Deva and was released onJanuary 2001 to mixed reviews.

After few years, Rasappa became a rich businessman but the couple didnt have children. Whereas his friend Vellaiappa and Sona had two children. The doctor revealed that Geetha was unable to become a mother. Then suddenly one day, Rasappa found an abandoned baby in his car. After much hesitation, the couple adopted the baby. However, Geeta began to suspect Rasappa for being real Jeevas father.After finishing his study overseas, Jeeva is back and he shocks everybody when he arrives, Jeeva and Rasappa are looking same alike sending Roja in to a fit of fury, all her suspicions confirmed, despite Sathyrajs bewilderment and protests of innocence. Finally the culprit is revealed. It is Sathyarajs father, a lecherous old man in the village almost on his deathbed, who couldnt keep his hands off a nurse assigned to him. The result being a little stepbrother for Sathyaraj. And the man who put the baby in the couples car was Visu, the family doctor, who was in the know of things. But his good intentions had backfired. But then its all well that ends well. ........

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