Ma%C5%82gorzata Gryniewicz

Malgorzata Gryniewicz, also known as Eleonora Gryniewicz is a Polish film director of feature and documentary films, journalist, and casting director.The owner of film and advertising agency Hollylodz Stars HS, in 20012012 coowner of Skysoundtrackstudio in Stockholm.The daughter of the famous Polish sculptor Wojciech Gryniewicz. At the beginning she wanted to study acting in National Film School in d, later she chose to study direction of a film. In years 20022008 she studied direction of a film in The Faculty of The Film and Television Pictures Realization and Photography In The Higher School Of Art and Projecting in Lodz.In 2008 she was awarded the Honourable of the Dean for M.A.thesis film.She finished Film Production in Kulturama in Stockholm. She was the prizewinner of films awards in the country and abroad. When she was 26, she emigrated to Stockholm to do what she loves to work in films and television productions. She worked for Swedish TV stations160Sveriges Television , TV3,


Source: Wikipedia