Magnificent Butcher

Magnificent Butcher Chinese is a 1979 Hong Kong martial arts film directed by Yuen Wooping, and starring Sammo Hung, Kwan Takhing, Yuen Biao, Wei Pai, Lee Hoi San, Chiang Kam, Fan Mei Sheng, Fung Ging Man, Fung Hakon and Max Lee.

Lam Saiwing Sammo Hung, also known as Butcher Wing, is a student of Wong Feihung Kwan Takhing. Butcher Wings longlost brother Lam Saikwong Chiang Kam comes to town with his beautiful bride Yuet Mei Tang Jing. Ko Taihoi Fung Hakon, the son of Master Ko Lee Hoi San, sees Yuet Mei and, lusting for her, abducts her. The abduction is witnessed by Master Kos goddaughter Lan Hsing JoJo Chan Keikei.Wong Feihung goes out of town, and leaves Butcher Wing and the other disciples, including Leung Foon Yuen Biao and Chik Wei Pai, to fend for themselves. ........

Source: Wikipedia