Maling Kutang

Maling Kutang literally The Bra Thief is a 2009 Indonesian comedy film directed by Rako Prijanto. Starring Arie K. Untung, Indra Birowo, Deswita Maharani, and Kinaryosih, it follows two neighbours who steal a bra they think is magical. It was released to mixed critical reception.

Yuyun, a strong believer in the supernatural, sees Ina pick up the bra and assumes that she is praying to it she credits these prayers for Inas successful business. She tells Syamsul to steal the bra, and the following night they sneak into Inas home and take all of the bras there. Sugeni, meanwhile, is scolded by his grandmother for losing her bra and must find it.The theft becomes a national sensation after it is reported, leading Syamsul to have nightmares. He attempts to throw the bra off the balcony, but is stopped by Yuyun. As they are fighting, Sugeni passes by and sees the bra before they finish their argument. That night he sneaks into Yuyun and Syamsuls home, dressed as a demon, to take the bra, but must leave after he is spotted. The following day Syamsul and Yuyun call a dukun shaman to exorcise their home the dukun is actually Sugeni in disguise, and he tells Syamsul to discard the bra. When Syamsul does this, the bra is caught on a passing odongodong carriage. Yuyun cries out that the driver has stolen her bra, and the villagers chase the odongodong and begin beating the driver. Yuyun, meanwhile, steals the bra. ........

Source: Wikipedia