Man Hunt (1941 film)

Man Hunt is a 1941 American thriller film directed by Fritz Lang and starring Walter Pidgeon and Joan Bennett. It is based on the 1939 novel Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household and is set just prior to the Second World War. A liberal of Jewish ancestry, Lang had fled Germany into exile in the mid1930s this was the first of his four antiNazi movies. It was Roddy McDowalls first Hollywood film he had been evacuated across the Atlantic following the London Blitz.

After being beaten, Thorndike is taken to Major QuiveSmith George Sanders. QuiveSmith is also a devoted hunter and an admirer of Thorndike. Thorndike explains that it was a sporting stalk, not to kill, but just for the thrill of going after the biggest game of all. The Nazi halfbelieves him, but insists he sign a confession that he was in fact working for His Majestys government. When Thorndike refuses, he is tortured, but remains steadfast and warns of questions being asked in high places if he is killed, as his brother, Lord Risborough Frederick Worlock, is a very important diplomat. The phrase gives QuiveSmith the idea to have Thorndike thrown off a cliff to make his death look like an accident.Thorndike survives when his knapsack gets caught in a tree, breaking his fall. He eludes his German pursuers and reaches a port. He steals a rowboat, but is forced to abandon it hastily when a patrol boat comes near. He swims to a Danish ship about to sail for London. Vaner Roddy McDowall, the English cabin boy, helps Thorndike hide. The Germans find Thorndikes coat and passport aboard the rowboat and search the nearby ship. Though they find nothing, they place agent Mr. Jones John Carradine on board using Thorndikes passport to continue looking even after the ship leaves the harbour. ........

Source: Wikipedia