Manmadan Ambu

Manmadan Ambu Cupids Arrow is a 2010 Indian Tamil romantic comedy film directed by K. S. Ravikumar. Written by Kamal Haasan, it stars himself alongside R. Madhavan and Trisha Krishnan in the lead roles, while featuring Ramesh Arvind, Sangeetha, Manju Pillai and Urvashi among others in supporting roles. The film features music composed by Devi Sri Prasad, with several songs written and sung by Kamal Haasan himself, while Manush Nandan and Shan Mohammed made their debut as cinematographer and editor.

Ambujakshi alias Ambu Trisha, a film actress, arrives in Europe to spend the vacations with her friend Deepa Sangeetha, a divorcee and her two children. While going in a taxi, Ambu recalls an early incident regarding her exboyfriend Madanagopal alias Madan Madhavan, a wealthy entrepreneur Three years ago, she was shooting for a film with actor Surya in a bright park and Madan was suspicious of her relationship with the actor. While returning, he lets Ambu drive his new car. Madan advised Ambu to stop acting, but Ambu claimed it as her profession which she cant give up, leading to an argument that caused their car to crash near a rock. At the same time they blamed a small white car that just passed by, to be the reason for the crash. Unable to bear any more arguments, Ambu broke her relationship with Madan and walked away.Madan now suspects that Ambu may be having a relationship with her colleagues in the film industry. To end that, he hires detective Major Raja Mannar Kamal Haasan to follow her when she goes on a cruise for vacation in Barcelona. Mannar accepts, as he needs money to pay the hospital bills of his friend Rajan Ramesh Arvind, who is diagnosed with cancer, and his wife Mallika Urvashitakes care of him . Contrary to Madans suspicions, Ambu is loyal and virtuous when Mannar reports this, Madan refuses to pay him as his suspicions were unfounded. ........

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