Mark Clarke (Politician)

Mark Clarke , born June 1977, is a former UK Conservative Party parliamentary candidate, former Director of the Young Britons Foundation, former Chairman of Conservative Future and exDirector of the nowdisbanded Road Trip electioneering organisation which bussed Conservative Party activists to marginal seats in the 2015 general election. Following the death of Conservative activist Elliot Johnson, who named Clarke as having bullied him, Clarke was suspended from the Party onSeptember 2015. A series of serious accusations subsequently appeared in several national newspapers about Clarkes alleged misconduct and in November 2015 he was finally expelled and banned for life from representing or joining the Conservative Party again. His alleged misconduct within the Conservative Party led to national newspaper coverage in 2015 about how much and to what extent senior figures in the Party knew about complaints regarding his actions, which subsequently led to a government minister, Grant S

Clarke, being of Caribbean descent, is also the great nephew of Dominicas first female Prime Minister, Dame Mary Eugenia Charles, and grandson to Bertie Clarke, a Barbados born member of the West Indies Cricket Team.

Source: Wikipedia