Masked and Anonymous

Masked and Anonymous is a 2003 comedydrama film directed by Larry Charles. The film was written by Larry Charles and Bob Dylan, the latter under the pseudonym Sergei Petrov. It stars Dylan alongside a starheavy cast, including John Goodman, Jeff Bridges, Penlope Cruz, Val Kilmer, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Lange, Luke Wilson, Angela Bassett, Bruce Dern, Cheech Marin, Ed Harris, Chris Penn, Steven Bauer, Giovanni Ribisi, Michael Paul Chan, Christian Slater and Fred Ward.

In some ways, the film is political it describes how Fate sees the political landscape people fighting for no reason, a nation without hope, governments that cannot be trusted but at the same time Fate makes it clear that he was always a singer and maybe no more than that. He produces no solutions to any of the problems the film presents. Rather, he makes it clear that he stopped trying to figure everything out a long time ago.The film was shot in only twenty days and was funded by the BBC. It was distributed by Sony Pictures Classics, a wellknown distributor of independent productions. The soundtrack is composed almost entirely of covers of Bob Dylan songs ranging from his very early 1960sera material to work as recent as songs from his 1997 Grammyaward winning album Time Out of Mind. Artists who perform the songs include Los Lobos, Sertab Erener, Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia. ........

Source: Wikipedia