Masterminds (1997 film)

Masterminds is a 1997 comedy action film starring Patrick Stewart.

Ozzie is forced to take his sister to her private school as punishment, but before he can get out of the school, Bentley Patrick Stewart and his crew of security guards use a variety of firearms and tranquilizer dart guns to subdue several staff members, lock down the school, and hold the children hostage. Bentley has planned stages of a ransom scheme involving their parents corporations. Ozzie attempts to alert his sister to the danger. She does not believe him, and he is subsequently chased by one of the gunmen. Using a bunsen burner and a vial of acid he is able to subdue his pursuer. He subsequently begins wreaking havoc with Bentleys computerized security system.The police make several attempts to breach the schools perimeter, only to run into automatic gunfire, rocket launchers, and mines. As a concession, Bentley releases most of the children, but keeps the ten richest and Ozzies stepsister and demands a very large ransom for their return. Ozzie locates ten of the eleven children and rescues them, but his sister has been taken by Bentley. He then places an improvised time bomb at the bottom of the schools indoor pool. He attempts to stop the ransom payment, but finds out too late that the man designated to deliver it was actually Bentleys confederate. Bentley ties Ozzie to a chair and leaves with his men, keeping Ozzies sister as an insurance policy. They intend to escape through the sewer pipes using ATVs. ........

Source: Wikipedia