Maverick (film)

Maverick is a 1994 Western comedy film directed by Richard Donner and written by William Goldman, based on the 1950s television series of the same name created by Roy Huggins. The film stars Mel Gibson as Bret Maverick, a card player and con artist collecting money to enter a highstakes poker game. He is joined in his adventure by Annabelle Bransford Jodie Foster, another con artist, and lawman Marshall Zane Cooper James Garner. The supporting cast features Graham Greene, James Coburn, Alfred Molina and a large number of cameo appearances by Western film actors, country music stars and other actors.

The story, set in the American Old West, is a firstperson account by wisecracking gambler Bret Maverick Mel Gibson of his misadventures on the way to a major fivecard draw poker tournament. Besides wanting to win the tournament for the prize money, he also wants to prove, once and for all, that he is the best card player of his time.Maverick rides into the fictional town of Crystal River intending to collect money owed to him, as he is 3,000 short of the tournament entry fee of 25,000. While in Crystal River, he encounters three people an illtempered gambler named Angel Alfred Molina, a young con artist calling herself Mrs. Annabelle Bransford Jodie Foster, and lawman Marshal Zane Cooper James Garner. The first two are also rival poker players. ........

Source: Wikipedia