Mindhunters is a 2004 AmericanBritish crime thriller film directed by Renny Harlin and starring Jonny Lee Miller, Kathryn Morris, LL Cool J, Patricia Velsquez, Clifton Collins, Jr., Christian Slater and Val Kilmer. It was written by Wayne Kramer and Kevin Brodbin with an uncredited rewrite by Ehren Kruger. Unusually, the last country to receive this film was the United States in 2005, because of the films distribution rights being changed from 20th Century Fox to Dimension Films.

The students include Bobby Eion Bailey, a young man with a talent for fixing things Vince Clifton Collins Jr., a wheelchairusing excop who goes nowhere without his gun Nicole Patricia Velsquez, a smoker who is attempting to quit Sara Kathryn Morris, a talented but insecure profiler who is terrified of drowning Rafe Will Kemp, a very intelligent, caffeinepowered British investigator, Lucas Jonny Lee Miller, a supposedly fearless man whose parents were killed when he was a child and J.D. Christian Slater, their leader and Nicoles lover. Nearing the end of their training, the groups overall morale is high, though Vince discovers that neither he, nor Sara, will make the rank of Profiler after secretly reading their training evaluations.The group travels with their instructor to a small island off the coast of North Carolina to complete their final training exercise. At the last minute, they are joined by Gabe LL Cool J, listed as James Todd Smith, an outside observer who has requested to see Harris teaching methods in action. The island, used by the Navy to train for hostage rescue and outbreak scenarios, has an existing population of target dummies, vehicles on mechanical rails, and small town storefronts. Similar to their earlier training scenarios, Harris plans on using the town for their final exam, tracking a serial killer calling himself, the puppeteer. The team settles down for the evening and practice their profiling skills on each other and Gabe, who reveals that he is also a skilled profiler in his own right. Sara and Lucas briefly bond over losses in their families Sara reveals that her sister was murdered and drowned, creating her persistent fear of water, while Lucas shares that his parents died when he was 10. The two resolve to use the scenario to confront their personal fears. ........

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