Mission: Impossible %E2%80%93 Ghost Protocol

Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol is a 2011 American action spy film and the fourth installment in the Mission Impossible film series, and director Brad Birds first liveaction film. It stars Tom Cruise, who reprises his role of IMF agent Ethan Hunt, with Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, and Paula Patton as his supporting team. Ghost Protocol was written by Andr Nemec and Josh Appelbaum, and produced by Cruise, J. J. Abrams the third films director and Bryan Burk. It saw the return of editor Paul Hirsch and visual effects supervisor John Knoll from the first film, and is also the first Mission Impossible film to be partially filmed using IMAX cameras. Released in North America by Paramount Pictures on December 16, 2011, the film was a critical and commercial success. Ghost Protocol became the highestgrossing film in the series, and the highestgrossing film starring Cruise.

Ethan escapes and meets the IMF Secretary, who is in Moscow on another matter. The U.S. President is forced to initiate Ghost Protocol, disavowing the entire IMF. Ethan and his team are to take the blame for the attack, but the Secretary unofficially orders Ethan to track down Cobalt. Before Ethan can leave, the Secretary is killed by Russian security forces led by Sidorov, but Hunt and intelligence analyst William Brandt get away.Brandt identifies Cobalt as Kurt Hendricks, a Swedishborn Russian nuclear strategist. Hendricks plans to start a nuclear war. The Kremlin attack also conceals his theft of a Russian nuclear launchcontrol device. His next move is to launch a nuclear missile at the United States in retaliation for the Kremlin attack. For this, he needs the activation codes, now possessed by Moreau. ........

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