Monkeybone is a 2001 American black comedy fantasy film written by Sam Hamm, produced by 1492 Pictures, Henry Selick, Mark Radcliffe, Michael Barnathan, Chris Columbus and Sam Hamm with music by Anne Dudley and directed by Henry Selick that combines liveaction with stopmotion animation. Based on Kaja Blackleys graphic novel Dark Town, the film stars Brendan Fraser, Bridget Fonda, and Whoopi Goldberg with Rose McGowan, David Foley, Giancarlo Esposito, Megan Mullally, Lisa Zane, Chris Kattan, John Turturro and an uncredited Thomas Haden Church. Monkeybone was released on February 23, 2001 by 20th Century Fox. The film received poor reviews and was a box office bomb. Despite this, it has gone on to become a cult film.

His spirit ends up in Down Town, a limbolike carnival landscape populated by human beings, mythical creatures and figments of peoples imaginations where nightmares are entertainment. In Down Town, Monkeybone is real. During that time, Stu befriends a catgirl named Miss Kitty. When Stu learns that his sister Kimmy is about to pull the plug on him, he asks Hypnos, God of Sleep, for advice. Hypnos tells Stu that to get back to the living, he has to infiltrate the Land of Death to steal an Exit Pass from Death which are given out to coma victims by Reapers giving them permission to leave Down Town and awaken from their coma. Stu successfully steals an Exit Pass, but Monkeybone steals it from him in turn and enters the Land of the Living in Stus body through the ReviveO as Hypnos states that they have plans for Stus body.When Stu is locked up, Hypnos later visits the jail cells, where Stu finds himself locked up with Attila the Hun, Jack the Ripper, and Stephen King, who reveals his nightmare of Cujo pulled the same trick Monkeybone pulled on Stu. Hypnos explains to Stu that he plans to use Stus body to get a chemical substance named Oneirix that Julie developed that gives people and animals nightmares, which gives him more power. Upon being sent to the institute by Hypnos upon reminding him of his mission, Monkeybone in Stus body ends up successfully stealing the Oneirix, switching it with another juice. Monkeybone obtains the Oneirix and puts it inside stuffed monkey toys of himself Monkeybone so that those who touch them will be infected and given nightmares. With help from Miss Kitty, Stu escapes from his imprisonment. ........

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