More than Just a Game

More than just a game is a 2007 semidocumentary film directed by Junaid Ahmed. The film shows how political prisoners on Robben Island in South Africa founded the Makana F.A. in 1966. Alternating interviews with Mark Shinners, Anthony Suze, Sedick Isaacs, Lizo Sitoto and Marcus Solomon are intercut with reenacted scenes.

By accident the prisoners became aware they all love football. Seeking for something that might make prison life less unbearable, they agree to ask for permission to play football in their spare time and start to elect representatives. The first applications are rejected but finally the prisoners persistence pays.Quickly they learn to organise themselves. Their football league is the umbrella under which the imprisoned individuals can achieve a proper selfadministration. The prison direction finally supports the Makana F.A. by providing them with football clothes and also with a playing field that complied with FIFA regulations. ........

Source: Wikipedia