Mouna Ragam

Mouna Ragam English Silent Symphony, also spelt Mouna Raagam is a 1986 Indian Tamil romanticdrama film written and directed by Mani Ratnam, and produced by G. Venkateswaran. The film narrates the life of Divya Chandramouli Revathi, who is robbed of her carefree existence when she reluctantly marries Chandrakumar Mohan. Divya does not wish for a married life due to her grief over her former lover, Manohar Karthik, being shot to death. The rest of the story follows Divyas inner conflict between holding on to her past or coming to terms with the present and uniting with Chandrakumar.

Divya Chandramouli is a freespirited college student from a conservative family. Her father works for the government and is very strict about her conduct. One day, Divya learns of a marriage proposal for her, which her parents are eagerly awaiting. Unwilling to get married, and hoping the grooms family will reject her, she deliberately arrives home late. To her surprise, the groom, Chandrakumar, and his family are patiently waiting for her. Divya talks arrogantly to Chandrakumar in an attempt to make him dislike her, but an undeterred Chandrakumar says that he likes her and agrees to the marriage. Divya initially refuses, but when her father suffers a heart attack, the family pleads with her to accept the proposal so that he can recover quickly. Succumbing to family pressure, Divya marries Chandrakumar.After their marriage, Chandrakumar takes Divya to Delhi. She is unable to accept him as her husband and constantly snubs him. When Chandrakumar asks Divya what she wants as a wedding gift, she asks him for a divorce. Startled, Chandrakumar asks her the reason for a divorce. In a flashback, Divya remembers when she was in love with a man named Manohar, whom she met during her college days. Manohar and his gang assault the son of an MP named Thamizhmani and steal his money. Considering it as a gang theft, Divya reports Manohar to the police, who arrest him. She later learns that Thamizhmanis son had run over a poor girl with his car and Manohar had stolen the money to pay for the girls treatment. Divya feels guilty and bails him out of the police station. ........

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