Mr Bones 2: Back from the Past

Mr. BonesBack from the Past is a 2008 comedy film directed by Gray Hofmeyr, cowritten by Gray Hofmeyr and Leon Schuster and starring Leon Schuster, Tongayi Chirisa, Leeanda Reddy, Kaseran Pillay, Meren Reddy. It is the second in the Mr Bones series.

Mr. BonesBack from the Past takes place in 1879, and the titular Character is the great great grandfather of the Mr. Bones from the first film. It is the story of Hekule, the King of Kuvukiland who is given a gemstone by the dying Kunji Balanadin. The stone is cursed and causes Hekule to become possessed by the spirit of the mischievous Kunji, which Bones describes as wild rider. It is up to Mr. Bones to cure his King and get rid of this cursed stone by travelling 130 years into the future, in the city of Durban. They meet a woman named Reshmi who gave them important clues to the gem and returning the gem to its home in an Indian fishing village named Ataram.Mr BonesBack from the Past premiered at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli International Convention Centre in Durban on November 13, 2008, ahead of its worldwide Novemberrelease date. ........

Source: Wikipedia