Mr. Troop Mom

Mr. Troop Mom is an American 2009 comedy television film directed by William Dear, written by Thomas Ian Griffith and starring George Lopez, Daniela Bobadilla, April Telek, Julia Anderson, Elizabeth Thai, Geoff Gustafson, and Jane Lynch. It tells of Eddie Serrano Lopez, a widower, and his teenage daughter Naomi. Eddie joins Naomi and her friends on a camping trip, making Eddie the Team Mom.

Eddie Serrano George Lopez is a widower with a teenage daughter Naomi Daniela Bobadilla. A classic workaholic, Eddie has not been there for most of Naomis big moments. Naomi doesnt appreciate it and is always upset because her father embarrasses Naomi in front of her friends. for example when in the beginning of the film, he shouted out to Naomi, Have a good day baby, I love you snuggle bear. Initially, Eddie never expected the original Team Mom would go into labor so early.Subsequently Eddie substitutes her place for being Team Mom for the Killer Bees, which is Naomis team in the Spring Action Classic at Camp Hulkas Rock. His business sortof way of doing things doesnt qualify the standards for his job as the leader for her daughters team, which doesnt please the camps director Ms. Hulka Jane Lynch. ........

Source: Wikipedia