Mudhalvan English Chief Minister is a 1999 Tamil language Indian political thriller film cowritten, directed and coproduced by S. Shankar. The film features Arjun, Manisha Koirala and Raghuvaran in the lead roles with Manivannan, Vijayakumar and Hanifa portraying other significant roles. The film featured an awardwinning soundtrack composed by A. R. Rahman, cinematography by K. V. Anand and dialogues by Sujatha.

The story focuses on Television Journalist Pughazhendhi Arjun working for Q TV. During riots triggered by a fight between some college students and bus drivers, which threaten to touch upon the touchy issue of castes, the CM of the state Aranganathan Raghuvaran reveals his unwillingness to take strong action to quell the violence for fear of estranging any of his political bases. To set things right, he then appears on a live interview with Pughazhendi, who had coincidentally captured the CMs earlier unwillingness to take a stand, on camera.In this interview Pughaz consistantly questions Aranganathan about his selfsided judgemnts upon the riot to save his own post, then questions him about the under development in the state in hisyears rule. In response to Pughazhs pointed questioning about the poor working of his government, the CM ducks the question by instead talking about how difficult his job is, and by challenging Pugazh to be the CM for one day. Pugazh reluctantly accepts the seat of the Chief Minister in the place of Aranganathan Raghuvaran. Educated and vigilant, Pugazh moves fast. He takes care of almost every aspect in a days time, giving the slum their rightful apartments and getting jobs for the unemployed, suspending inefficient and corrupt government officers. All the way he is assisted by the secretary, Mayakrishnan Manivannan. As the last act of the day he gets Aranganathan arrested as he is the root of all the corruption. But Aranganathan bails out, passes an ordinance to nullify all orders passed by Pugazh when he was the CM. Taking Pugazhs success as an insult, Aranganathan sends goons to get him killed and destroys his house.The next day, all the remaining parties in the ruling coalition revoke their support to Aranganathan and the state Assembly is dissolved for fresh general elections. ........

Source: Wikipedia