Mullum Malarum

Mullum Malarum English Thorn and Flower or Thorns also Blossom a is a 1978 Indian Tamil drama film written and directed by J. Mahendran and produced by Venu Chettiar and V. Mohan, with a soundtrack by Ilaiyaraaja. The film, starring Rajinikanth, Sarath Babu, Fatafat Jayalaxmi and Shoba, marked Mahendrans directorial debut and is loosely based on Umachandrans novel of the same name. It tells the story of Kali, a winch operator who dotes on his sister and clashes with Kumaran, his superior, at a power plant the dispute eventually costs him his left arm and his job.

Kali is a winch operator at a village power plant. Although a reputed troublemaker, he occasionally does good deeds for the local community. Kali and his younger sister Vallito whom he is devotedwere orphaned during their childhood and have no close family. When a poor wanderer named Manga and her aged mother arrive in the village with no assets and noone to assist them, Valli helps them set up their home in the village. Although Manga becomes fond of Kali, he is disgusted by her fondness for food.The power plants new supervising engineer is Kumaran, an austere but fair boss. His relationship with Kali is difficult, worsening after he sees the latters negative side in a series of incidents, which included Kali allowing people to ride the winch in violation of the power plants rules. Kali calls Kumaran Law Point because of his strict application of the rules. One day when Kali is on duty, Manga teases him he abandons the winch and chases her. In his absence, an emergency arises at the plant. An enraged Kumaran suspends Kali from his job the following day for dereliction of duty, ignoring his protests and threats. ........

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