My Father Is a Hero

My Father Is A Hero simplified Chinese traditional Chinese , released in the United States as Letter to Daddy, The Enforcer and Jet Lis The Enforcer is a 1995 Hong Kong action film starring Jet Li and directed by Corey Yuen, who also costars in the film. The film was released in the Hong Kong onMarch 1995.

Wei is partnered with Darkie, a gang member who formerly worked for a gang leader named Po. Wei and Darkie escape from prison to meet with Po in Hong Kong. Wei is inducted into the gang and participates in an arms deal with foreign criminals. Utilizing a ruse to steal the bombs and keep the money in Pos hands, Wei volunteers to wear a bombladen vest to facilitate the operation. The recent operation attracts the attention of an offduty Hong Kong detective Anne Fong, whose boyfriend, Inspector Cheng, was taken hostage. Fong volunteers herself as a hostage exchange and attempts to foil the operation with an attempted suicide, but Wei intervenes in disabling the vehicle and escaping the scene. Utilizing a photo of Wei that was taken before the arms deal, Fong heads to Beijing to discover his true identity. Back in Beijing, school bullies tease Ku. Fong befriends the Wei family, and deduces Weis role as a police officer. During her time with the family, Mrs. Wei suffers from a fatal asthma attack, requests Fong to deliver a letter to Wei, and charges her with taking care of Ku.Anne and Ku planned to travel to Hong Kong by speed boat, informing Inspector Cheng of her recent findings. However, against Fongs wishes, Cheng files a case of Ku missing, which attracts publicity from local media and results in a breakup between the couple. When Ku noticed a police cruiser in front of Fongs apartment, Ku escapes and is picked up by Po. Meanwhile, Wei attempts to sneak in Fongs apartment to recover Ku, but is confronted by Fong before receiving his wifes final letter. Wei is reunited with his son at the gang penthouse but fakes Kus death with a special choke before he is dumped inside a trash bag. Wei covertly informs Fong of Kus whereabouts as a Plan B in case he fails to save him. Wei attempts to rescue Ku, only to find out that Po deduced Weis identity as a cop, since Wei was too skilled compared to the rest of his gang. Wei gets into a losing fight with Po until Fongs interve

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