Mystery of Mamo

The Mystery of Mamo, also known as The Secret of Mamo, is a 1978 Japanese animated science fiction comedy adventure film it is the first animated film of the Lupin III franchise created by manga author Monkey Punch. The film was originally released in Japanese theatres on December 16, 1978 as Lupin III , Rupan Sansei? but was later retitled to Lupin III Lupin vs. the Clones VS , Rupan Sansei Rupan tai Kurn? to differentiate it from other elements of the franchise. The film was produced by animation studio Tokyo Movie Shinsha, directed by Sji Yoshikawa and written by Yoshikawa and cult pink film screenwriter Atsushi Yamatoya. The films plot follows master thief Arsne Lupin III and his attempts to foil Mamo, a wealthy and powerful recluse, and his bid for immortality.

Inspector Koichi Zenigata travels to Castle Dracula to confirm reports of the execution of master thief Arsne Lupin III. However, the body he finds is a decoy that is being used by another Lupin to flee from the castle. Zenigata travels to Egypt, believing that Lupin will raid the Giza Necropolis based on prior thefts of reputed immortalitygranting objects. His prediction proves accurate, but Lupin and his colleagues Daisuke Jigen and Goemon Ishikawa XIII flee with the Philosophers Stone. The Stone was requested by Lupins onoff lover, Fujiko Mine, who, having agreed to obtain the Stone for a mysterious client, steals it from Lupin in Paris. The benefactor reveals his name to her as Mamo, but they discover that the Stone is a fake made by Lupin.In response to the deception, Lupin and his gang are attacked by Mamos forces before finding their hideout destroyed by his chief henchman, Flinch. Jigen and Goemon blame the destruction of their hideout on Fujiko, before quarrelling amongst themselves. Lupin eventually calms the others by promising to abandon his desires for Fujiko. With nowhere else to go, they travel toward the ocean before finding a house stocked with food and water. A wounded Fujiko comes for Lupin, forcing him to go against his earlier promise and causing Jigen and Goemon to abandon them. Fujiko drugs Lupin before Flinch arrives to take them to Mamo. Jigen later returns to find the plane leaving, but retrieves a clue to its destination. He and Goemon are later apprehended in Madrid by US government agents and questioned about Mamo, but are released when they are unable to answer their questions. During the inquiry, they decipher Fujikos clue, leading them to the Caribbean. ........

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