Nadia Giosia

Nadia Giosia , better known as Nadia G., is a Canadian celebrity chef, comedian, and punk rock singer who transitioned her web cooking series into a TV cooking show. She is the host of Nadia Gs Bitchin Kitchen, which has appeared on the Cooking Channel, Food Network Canada and Food Network UK. The show ran for three season on television, but started as a YouTube webseries. Starting July 14, 2014, she starred in a new series on Cooking Channel called Bite This With Nadia G. The versatile performer also launched a feminist rock, comedy, and food festival in Los Angeles in 2015 called Riot Grill and plays in punk rock band called The Menstruators.

Giosia was born in Montreal, Quebec to a family of Italian immigrants and grew up in the borough of St. Leonard, Quebec. Nadias unique blend of comedy and cooking is a product of her upbringing where family gatherings typically centered around food and laughter. She has no professional training as a chef and is mostly selftaught with recipes developed from family tradition and trial and error. Bucking the traditional monkish demeanor of the celebrity chef, Giosia has a decidedly edgy look replete with tattoos and at least one pair of leather pants with a zipout crotch.

Source: Wikipedia