Namie Amuro

Namie Amuro is a Japanese singer, dancer, fashion model, actress and businesswoman. She achieved popularity by a series of successful singles and albums, both exploring different genres and working with producers and musicians outside of Japan, one of the first Japanese artists to do so at the time. Due to her longevity and resilience in the industry, she has been often referred by critics and music publications as the Teen Queen of Japan, Queen of JPop, and the Japanese Madonna or Janet Jackson.

Namie Amuro was born to Emiko Taira , and an undisclosed Japanese father, in Naha, Okinawa on September 20, 1977. Through her maternal line, Amuro is onequarter Italian. She is one of three children by Taira and her father. Taira had divorced when Amuro was four years old, and raised her three children solely in Okinawa. Taira worked as a nursery school employee and bar hostess to support her three children. Although she had no ambition to become a singer, she was discovered at age 12, while visiting a friend. Amuro was scouted by Masayuki Makino, the owner of Okinawa Actors School, a performing arts school, and eventually enrolled there. Two years later, Makino placed her in an idol group called Super Monkeys, with five other girls Anna Makino, Hisako Arakaki, Nanako Takushi, and Minako Ameku. A year after their September 1992 debut with ToshibaEMI, the group relocated to Tokyo, despite Amuros mothers disapproval.

Source: Wikipedia