Napoleon and Samantha

Napoleon and Samantha is a 1972 American adventure drama film directed by Bernard McEveety and written by Stewart Raffill. Filmed in and around John Day, Oregon, it stars Michael Douglas, Johnny Whitaker and Jodie Foster.

Along their way, the two children encounter many dangers. Napoleon nearly falls off a cliff, but Major manages to pull him up with a rope. They have to cross a river which Major does not like, being a cat whos afraid of water. The rooster is chased by a mountain lion but soon the tables are turned and the cougar is chased up a tree by Major. While Napoleon is out looking for wood he comes across an angry bear that chases him back to where Samantha is resting with Major. At first, Major is too tired and wants to sleep while Samantha desperately tries to wake him. But as soon as the lion hears the roar of the bear and stands up to challenge his opponent. The two beasts fight hard but the lion defeats the bear and chases him away. Eventually the children find Dannys cabin and he takes them in with the hope of convincing Napoleon that orphanages really arent that bad. Danny leaves the kids with a man he recently met and attempts to find Samanthas family to notify them but he is arrested and accused of kidnapping the children. While at the police station, Danny notices a photo of the man he left the kids with, who happens to be a dangerous psychopath and escapes to rescue them. He steals a motorcycle and the police chase him all the way back to his cabin where they find and arrest the wanted man. When things are back to normal, Napoleon takes Major and tries to run away again to live with the Indians but Danny catches up. Danny explains that the Indians dont really live out in the wild anymore and that Napoleon should give foster care a try with a promise that Major could stay in the mountains and live with him. Napoleon agrees and they go back to Dannys cabin.Major whose full name is Major Leo McTavish was a film veteran, having appeared in Tarzan movies with Mike Henry and the television series with Ron Ely, as well as being used as the MGM logos Leo the Lion since 1957. ........

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