Neuilly sa m%C3%A8re!

Neuilly Yo Mama or Neuilly sa mre is a 2009 French comedy film directed by Gabriel JulienLaferrire. It stars Samy Seghir as a beur teenager who moves from the housing projects to the upscale neighborhood of NeuillysurSeine. Because of its use of social inequality as a comedic device, it has been compared to the 1988 French comedy Life is a Long Quiet River La vie est un long fleuve tranquille.

Fourteenyearold Sami Samy Seghir is a beur a French person of North African descent living in ChalonsurSane, a relatively poor city in the Burgundy region. When his widowed mother Farida Khelfa takes a job working on a boat, she sends Sami to live with her sister Djamila Rachida Brakni, who is married to Frenchman Stanislas de Chazelle Denis Podalyds. They live in the upscale neighborhood of NeuillysurSeine, an affluent suburb of Paris, with Stanislas two children from his prior marriage Charles Jrmy Denisty, who aspires to be a politician someday, and Caroline Chlo Coulloud. At first Charles resents Samis presence in his house, but they gradually become friends. Sami enrolls in classes at SaintExupry, a private school there.Sami is made fun of by many of his classmates at school, particularly Guilain Lambert Mathieu Spinosi. He impresses the blonde violinist Marie Josphine Japy, however, with his tender side during a music class one of the pieces moves him to tears by making him think of his friends back in Chalon. He and Marie become friends. Guilain, who also has his eye on Marie, gets revenge by tricking Sami into eating pork which Sami cannot eat, as it is haraam, and Sami retaliates by beating up Guilain. Marie chides Sami, saying she will not tolerate violent boys, but they soon make up. Later, though, when Guilain and Charles end up running against one another in the class elections, Guilain hires a local thug Malik Booder to mug Sami and Charles. They manage to escape from Malik and his thugs, but Malik gives Sami a black eye in the process when Marie sees the black eye, she becomes angry with Sami, thinking he got in a fight again. ........

Source: Wikipedia