Neve Campbell

Neve Adrianne Campbell is a Canadian actress. She is best known for her role as Sidney Prescott in the horror film series Scream. She got her start appearing in the Canadian television series Catwalk, before she played Julia Salinger in the drama series Party of Five. She has starred in films such as The Craft , Wild Things , Panic , and The Company . Campbell has also made guest appearances on several television series, such as Medium, Greys Anatomy and Mad Men, as well as a starring role in the fourth season of the critically acclaimed Netflix drama series House of Cards.

Campbell was born in Guelph, Ontario. Her mother, Marnie , is a yoga instructor and psychologist from Amsterdam. Her father, Gerry Campbell, immigrated to Canada from Glasgow, and taught high school drama classes in Mississauga, Ontario first at Westwood Secondary School, later at Lorne Park Secondary School, and then at Erindale Secondary School. Campbells maternal grandparents ran a theater company in the Netherlands, and her paternal grandparents were also performers. On her mothers side, Campbell descends from Sephardi Jews who immigrated to the Netherlands and converted to Catholicism. She has stated, I am a practising Catholic, but my lineage is Jewish, so if someone asks me if Im Jewish, I say yes.

Source: Wikipedia