Neverland (miniseries)

Neverland is a fantasy miniseries that aired on the Syfy network United States on Decemberand 5, 2011, and Sky Movies United Kingdom on Decemberand 16, written and directed by Nick Willing. It is a prequel to and reimagining of the Peter Pan story.

After successfully infiltrating the shop, the boys are looting the place when Jimmy arrives. Peter tries to tell Jimmy that he just wanted to prove to Jimmy that they were old enough and that they could handle it, but Jimmy reminds him that he had told Peter not to go. He then goes to the backrooms to try to find the item that he had come for. Peter goes with him and Jimmy tells him that hes not quite grown enough to be Jimmys partner, before sending him to the main room to keep lookout. Jimmy managed to find his prize, a strange glowing orb that had been locked in a chest. When startled by an image of gnashing crocodile teeth from within the orb Jimmy falls off the stool he had been standing on to reach the chest, the orb falling to the ground in a huge exploding flash which encompasses Jimmy and all of the boys, except for Peter, with a golden light. Peter, still in the front room, sees the light and when it fades there is only empty space where the room that Jimmy and the others had been in. Believing his friends dead, Peter takes the orb and returns to Whitechapel Fencing Academy the place that Jimmy and his boys live at, where a man Peter knew was involved with Jimmys business appeared, asking after Jimmy. When he leaves Peter decides to follow him and sneaks into the building the man enters a way off, where Peter finds a number of strange people, learns of what the orb does, which is serve as transport to another land at the centre of the universe, and discovers that Jimmy and the others are alive. After finding this out, he runs from the place and returns to Whitechapel, where he hits the orb himself, determined to find Jimmy and his gang and bring them back home.Meanwhile, Jimmy and the boys find themselves in a strange land and are quickly captured by a band of pirates led by Captain Elizabeth Bonny Anna Friel, but Fox, one of Hooks gang of street thieves, manages to escape. The crew tells the gang that they are from the early 18th century and have never a

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