Next Day Air

Next Day Air is a 2009 American action comedy film that was released by Summit Entertainment on May 8, 2009. The film starring Donald Faison and Mike Epps was produced on an estimated budget ofmillion. Two criminals accidentally accept a package of cocaine which they must sell before the real owner finds it missing.

Bodega, Jesuss boss and original sender of the package, calls to confirm the package was delivered. Jesus tells Bodega it was not delivered even though the tracking information says otherwise. Jesus is concerned that Bodega is going to kill him and assumes that Leo stole the package. While searching Jesus tells Chita that his previous boss was killed because of a similar situation. Jesus and Chita find Eric, another employee of NDA, who they hold at gun point and steal his watch. Finally realizing that it is not Leo they continue their search.Shavoo has trouble getting his money from storage because he was robbed by the front desk clerk. He interrogates the clerk and finds the storage garage where his money and supplies are. Shavoo and Buddy locks the clerk and his accomplice inside a garage, bound and gagged with duct tape. ........

Source: Wikipedia