Nick Oshiro

Nick Oshiro is an American musician, best known as the former drummer of the industrial metal band StaticX. He has previously played with the South African postgrunge bandalternative metal Seether. He started out with a drumkit made by his father as he stated in an interview with Tama. It was made of pots and pans, of which his father made a whole kit from. Already at the age of nine, he wanted to be a rockstar after seeing a Whitesnake video. He then created a large following in his home town of Las Vegas, NV. Leaving Seether in 2003, he joined StaticX as a touring drummer but eventually became a fulltime member. While on tour on April 11, 2007 in Abilene, Texas he broke his hand and was back in four weeks. Nick Oshiro uses a Tama drumkit , Sabian cymbals, Vater drumsticks and Remo drumheads. Some of his influences are Abe Cunningham, Morgan Rose and Tim Alexander.


Source: Wikipedia