Nikos Nikolaidis

Nikos Georgiou Nikolaidis was a Greek film director, screenwriter, film producer, writer, theatre director, assistant director, record producer, television director, and commercial director. He is usually considered a representative of European avantgarde and experimental art film and underground surrealist cinema.

Nikolaidis was born onOctober 1939 in Athens, Greece, where he lived and worked all his life. He was also the scriptwriter and producer of the movies which he directed and would occasionally, as in the case of the 1965 Orestis Laskos film Praktores 005 enantion Hrysopodarou, write screenplays for other directors. For much of his life he worked in advertising and he managed to direct two hundred television advertisements within twenty years. He studied filmmaking at the Hellenic Cinema and Television School Stavrakos and acquired scenic design skills at the Vakalo College of Art and Design, a highly regarded specialized private art school, both located in Athens, Greece. In 1960 he began to work as a first assistant director for Vasilis Georgiadis and in 1962 he directed his first short film Lacrimae Rerum. His directorial featurelength debut was Evrydiki BA 2O37 which premiered at the Thessaloniki Festival of Greek Cinema onSeptember 1975 where it won the Best Director Award, t

Source: Wikipedia