Old Dogs (film)

Old Dogs is a 2009 American ensemble comedy film directed by Wild Hogss Walt Becker and starring John Travolta and Robin Williams with an ensemble supporting cast played by Kelly Preston, Matt Dillon, Justin Long, Seth Green, Rita Wilson, Dax Shepard, and Bernie Mac. It was released in theaters on November 25, 2009 and was released on DVD March 9, 2010.

At the 30th Golden Raspberry Awards ceremony, Old Dogs was nominated in four categories Worst Picture, Worst Actor for John Travolta, Worst Supporting Actress for Kelly Preston and Worst Director for Walt Becker, but lost in all categories.Dan Rayburn Robin Williams and Charlie Reed John Travolta are best friends and coowners of a successful sports marketing firm. Seven years prior, Dan, recently divorced, married Vicki Kelly Preston after being whisked away by Charlie for a tropical vacation. The wedding, however, is short lived. Seven years later, Vicki resurfaces to tell Dan that their short marriage resulted in something he never suspected twins Zach Conner Rayburn and Emily Ella Bleu Travolta. ........

Source: Wikipedia