Olga Budina

Olga Alexandrovna Budina is a Russian theater and film actress.

Olga Budina was born in Odintsovo, Moscow Oblast, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union. She studied history and literature at the Lyceum college. She was actively involved in social work and was a creative student in her school years. She learned to play accordion and piano. The Lyceum Theatre created its own musical The Princess and the Pea in which she was a soloist of the school choir and orchestra. She performed at a school dance as a part of amateur vocal and instrumental ensemble, where she was invited as a soloist. After the ninth grade of high school she tried to enter the State School of Music Gnesin. Having failed, she returned to school to obtain secondary general education. While in high school, she graduated from the School of Olga Budina young philology at Moscow State University. Qualified as a categoryguide, she conducted tours of the Pushkin village Zakharovo located near Odintsova.

Source: Wikipedia