On the Line (2001 film)

On the Line is a 2001 American romantic comedy film starring Lance Bass, Joey Fatone and Emmanuelle Chriqui. The film was directed by Eric Bross and was written by Eric Aronson and Paul Stanton, based upon their short film of the same name.

Kevin tries to find Abbey by making posters imploring Abbey to contact him, and placing them all over town. He goes out with a few random women who respond, none of whom are Abbey. The local newspaper finds out about his search and sets up an interview. The reporter, Brady Frances Dan Montgomery, Jr., is an old classmate who harbors ill will toward Kevin, on account of a girl in high school who rejected Brady for Kevin. When Bradys article is published, Kevin gets hundreds of calls, which leads to his dateless roommates aspiring musician Rod Joey Fatone slacker Eric GQ and art aficionado Randy James Bulliard suggesting they date all the callers to help. Kevin rejects this idea, but a miscommunication leads Eric to believe that Kevin has approved it. A follow up article is published in which Brady portrays Kevin as a failure, which garners even more calls from women. Brady is further irritated when his girlfriend Julie Amanda Foreman, who is bothered by his grudge against Kevin, takes Kevins side.Meanwhile, Abbey is having problems with her boyfriend of three years, whom she was visiting when she met Kevin. Her boyfriend buys tickets to an Al Green concert, but then cancels at the last minute. Kevin is also at the concert, but they never see each other, despite several close calls. As Kevins roommates date the women who responded to the articles in order to find Abbey, they encounter Julie. When she tells Brady that Kevins friends are answering the calls and dating the respondents, Brady reports this as a scam in a followup article. As a result, Reebok declines to work with Kevin, and he is taken off the project. When Kevin subsequently sees Abbey waiting for a train, he tries to get her attention but she only sees him after she boards the train, and the doors close before he can get to her. Kevin also learns that Abbey responded to his public search for her, and when he learns that Eric went out on a date with her, he punches Eric. ........

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