Ondanondu Kaladalli

Ondanondu Kaladalli Kannada , English Once Upon a Time is a 1978 Indian Kannada language film cowritten and directed by Girish Karnad with music by Bhaskar Chandavarkar, starring Shankar Nag. It has influences of the early Samurai films of Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, to whom Karnad has reportedly acknowledged his indebtedness. It won the 1978 National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Kannada.

Gandugali Shankar Nag is a mercenary who comes across a band of soldiers on the trail of a couple of wounded enemy soldiers. He ends up rescuing them and is taken to their chieftain who hires him to train his soldiers to fight his brother his enemy. While there, Gandugali befriends the son of the chieftains eldest brother, Jayakeshi, who is consigned to tending to cattle by his uncle. Jayakeshi asks Gandugali to help him reclaim his land and reinstate him as the chief. Gandugali refuses saying he is only a mercenary and that the youngster has no money to offer.Gandugali helps the chieftain earn minor victories against his brother, much to the envy of the chiefs commander. After one battle where Gandugali manages to steal the enemys cattle, on the day of a festival, the commander of the enemy Peramadi Sundar Krishna Urs ends up trapped by Gandugali and his men. Gandugali releases him saying that he did not wish to shed any blood on a festival day. ........

Source: Wikipedia