Orhan %C3%96lmez

Orhan lmez is a Turkish singer, composer, and songwriter.

He was born in Manavgat a town of Antalya on May 1, 1978. His parental relatives are from Divrii, Sivas. His maternal relative are from Turgutlu, Manisa. He lived in zmir foryears. He discovered his interest in music when he was introduced to the saz in 1986 and 1987. He was interested in western music and established the base of his current music during his high school years. He completed high school in zmir. He attended state Turkish Music in The Turk Music Conservatory of Aegean University. He worked as a saz player in The Turkish Folk Music sect for one year for zmir Radio. Later he started his professional art life by working as composer and arranger in stanbul and zmir. In 2003, he came out with his first cassette called Su Misali on which he tried hard, and he ranged high and rose to fame in music industry. In 2005, he had his second album called Hereyin Farkndaym and became more successful. In 2006, he was elected as the Best Male Fantasy Music Performer of the Year in the

Source: Wikipedia