Osaka Wrestling Restaurant

Osaka Wrestling Restaurant traditional Chinese simplified Chinese is a 2004 Hong Kong comedy film directed by Tommy Law. The film stars Timmy Hung, Sammo Hung and Mang Hoi. This was Mang Hois last film appearance until 2014s Kung Fu Jungle. The film features a story line taking place in both Hong Kong and Japan.

Soon Ricky pretends to be wrestling star Super Delfin as part of the restaurant show. Earlier in the story Ricky accidentally interrupts a Japanese actress named Kyoko Miku Ueno in the middle of a commercial filming causing her to get fired. Kyoko becomes stranded in Hong Kong, comes looking for, a job and mistakes Ricky for the real Super Delfin star.Soon the restaurant would become a smash hit, though it was opened right across the street from Rickys old employer restaurant owned by Oneeye dragon. The competition heats up and Oneeye dragon cannot compete with this wrestling restaurant. He tries to screw them over with pranks and tricks. One of the pranks contaminated the food, and successfully drove the wrestling restaurant out of business. Food expert Chau Sammo Hung showed up one day and was extremely impressed with their xiaolongbao dish. The restaurant was brought back to fame, while Oneeye dragon returns to try to drive them out of business again. ........

Source: Wikipedia