Paradesi (2013 film)

Paradesi English Vagabond is a 2013 Indian Tamil drama film written and directed by Bala starring Adharvaa, Vedhicka and Dhansika. The films music was scored by G. V. Prakash Kumar. The film is based on real life incidents that took place before independence in the 1930s. It released onMarch 2013. The dubbed version of Telugu was released with the same name. The film opened mostly to positive reviews. Sify said that the box office collections were average.

Rasa then goes to the nearby village in search of work. He comes across a friendly Kangani, who then follows Rasa back to his village. The Kangani offers a work for the villagers at the British tea plantations at the hillside. He promises them proper accommodation and high wages. Like many of the villagers, Rasa signs up with the Kangani, hoping he can send home money every month for his ailing grandmother. Both Angamma and his grandmother are sad to watch him go.When Rasa and his villagers finally arrive at the tea plantation, things are not as what the Kangani promised. The Kangani and his henchmen rule the plantation with an iron fist. The British plantation manager does not care for the workers. Rasa becomes friends with Maragadham Dhansika and her little daughter, the wife and child of the only worker who have ever escaped the plantation so far. Rasa soon gets a letter from his grandmother stating that Angamma now lives with her after her family found out she is pregnant with his child. ........

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