Parijatham is a 2006 Tamil film directed by Bhagyaraj. The film stars Prithviraj Sukumaran and Saranya Bhagyaraj. It relates the story of a man trying to discover the identity of the lady his deceased mother, Seetha, had wanted him to get to know and marry.

Seetha moves to the house opposite to Sumathis house. Her husband and son are still back in their city waiting to finish training. Sumathi approaches her to work as a maid. Seetha becomes impressed at first sight by Sumathis wise and sensible character and takes her as her maid. After a few days, Seetha comes to know that the house she has moved into, was initially owned by Sumathis family. She soon gets influenced by Sumathis modesty, kindness and good nature. Sumathi also had the habit of writing novels, one of which she shared with Seetha. Seetha imagined her son and Sumathi as the characters in the story, which gave her the opportunity to react differently. Assuming that her son and Sumathi are fictional characters in the story, she expresses her desire to make Sumathi her daughterinlaw. At first Sumathi is shocked, but later accepts her request happily.Seetha communicates this arrangement over the phone to her husband Prakashraj and son Prithviraj Sukumaran, that she has chosen her daughterinlaw. However, she did not reveal the name or identity of Sumathi, because she wants it to be a surprise when they meet her in person. Unfortunately, Seetha dies in an accident before the arrival of her husband and son, which leaves a suspense to who the daughter in law is. ........

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