Partysaurus Rex

Toy Story Toons Partysaurus Rex is a 2012 Pixar computer animated short film directed by Mark Walsh. It was first screened in theaters ahead of the 3D theatrical rerelease of Finding Nemo. Partysaurus Rex is the third short in the Toy Story Toons series, based on the characters from the Toy Story feature films. The other two films are Small Fry and Hawaiian Vacation. The short involves Rex getting left in the bathroom and making friends with bath toys.

The toys quickly start to sing and dance in a ravelike fashion, aided by a carefree Rex throwing a bubble bath solution into the tub, and blocking the overflow drain with a sponge. However, he suddenly realizes that if the tub overflows, it will leak out into the hall the bath toys care little if this happens and continue to party. He tries to turn off the water, but only causes the handle to fall off, and the drain stays plugged when he tries to pull it out. Finally, he spots the knob on the faucet that stops the flow from the faucet, but realizes too late that this only diverts the water to the shower head. The tub starts to overflow, and the other bath toys are oblivious to the problem. Outside the bathroom, Woody, Buzz, and some of the other toys arrive to check on Rex when the bathroom door suddenly bursts open and a flood of water pours out.Later, Bonnies mom is paying to have plumbing repairs done to the house. Though he knows it was his fault, Rex enjoys the shortlived fame with the other toys in Bonnies room as Mr. Potato Head is still getting the water out of him. Outside, several pool toys have heard of Rexs exploits from the bath toys and get him to agree to help turn on the outside faucet to let them party as well. Rex quickly joins in on their fun. ........

Source: Wikipedia