Pather Panchali

Pather Panchali pter ptali , English Song of the Little Road is a 1955 Bengali drama film directed by Satyajit Ray and produced by the Government of West Bengal, India. It is based on Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyays 1929 Bengali novel of the same name and is Rays directorial debut. It features Subir Banerjee, Kanu Banerjee, Karuna Banerjee, Uma Dasgupta and Chunibala Devi. The first film in the Apu trilogy, Pather Panchali depicts the childhood of the protagonist Apu Subir Banerjee and his elder sister Durga Uma Dasgupta and the harsh village life of their poor family.

Harihar Roy Kanu Banerjee earns a meagre living as a pujari priest in Nischindipur, rural Bengal, and dreams of a better career as a poet and playwright. His wife Sarbajaya Karuna Banerjee takes care of their children, Durga Uma Dasgupta and Apu Subir Banerjee, and Harihars elderly cousin, Indir Thakrun Chunibala Devi. Because of their limited resources, Sarbajaya resents having to share her home with the old and helpless cripple Indir. At times, Sarbajayas taunts become offensive, forcing Indir to take temporary refuge in the home of another relative. Durga is fond of Indir and often gives her fruit she has stolen from a wealthy neighbours orchard. One day, the neighbours wife accuses Durga of stealing a bead necklace which Durga denies and blames Sarbajaya for encouraging her tendency to steal.As the elder sibling, Durga cares for Apu with motherly affection, but spares no opportunity to tease him. Together, they share the simple joys of life sitting quietly under a tree, viewing pictures in a travelling vendors bioscope, running after the candy man who passes through the village, and watching a jatra folk theatre performed by a troupe of actors. Every evening they are delighted by the sound of a distant trains whistle. One day, they run away from home to catch a glimpse of the train, only to discover Indir lying dead on their return. ........

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