Patricia Kaas

Patricia Kaas is a French singer and actress with an International following. Stylistically her music is not classical chanson, but is closer to a mixture of pop music, cabaret, jazz and chanson.

Patricia Kaas was born as the youngest of her family onDecember 1966 in Forbach, Lorraine, France, near the German border. Her father, Joseph Kaas , was a French Germanophone and her mother, Irmgard, was a German citizen from Saar. Kaas grew up in StiringWendel, between Forbach and Saarbrcken on the French side of the border. Until the age of six she spoke only Lorraine Franconian. Her mother encouraged Kaas to become a singer at a very young age. At the age of eight Kaas was already singing songs by Sylvie Vartan, Dalida, Claude Franois and Mireille Mathieu, but also Englishlanguage songs such as New York, New York, at various small events among others the marriage of her brother. Her first great success came when she received first place at a pop song contest.

Source: Wikipedia