Paying Guests

Paying Guests is a Bollywood film starring Shreyas Talpade, Javed Jaffrey, Aashish Chaudhary and Vatsal Seth in the lead roles. It is directed by Paritosh Painter under Subhash Ghais Mukta Arts banner. A comedy film revolving around four close friends who reside together in Pattaya, it borrows the basic plot from 1966 BampW comedy movie Biwi Aur Makaan, directed by Hrishikesh Mukherjee which was also remade in Marathi as Ashi Hi Banwa Banwi in 1988 and in Kannada as Olu Saar Bari Olu in 2003.

Three friends Bhavesh Shreyas Talpade, Parag Javed Jaffrey and Pariksheet Aashish Chaudhary live in Pattaya, as paying guests in a house owned by Kiska Miglani Asrani. Bhavesh works as a chef in a restaurant called Namaste India, owned by Ballu Singh Johnny Lever. Ballu has a younger brother, Ronnie Chunky Pandey, who wants ownership the restaurant, because he owes a considerable amount of money to a gangster, Murli Inder Kumar. Parag is a screen writer for a television channel and Parikshit is a car salesman working for Aarti Gupta Neha Dhupia. Eventually all three of them lose their jobs. The three friends are later joined by Jayesh Vatsal Seth from Mumbai, who is a cousin of Parikshits, and tells them that an apartment is included if he gets a job at an architecture firm. After getting drunk celebrating Jayeshs arrival, they privately insult Kiska, who arrives back home unexpectedly, hears what they are saying and kicks them out. They go out in search of a place to stay and a friend of Parikshits suggests paid lodgings. Parikshit and Jayesh go to the home to find its owner is Ballu Singh, to whom they are oblivious of the fact that he is Bhaveshs former employer. Ballu and his wife, Sweety Delnaaz Paul, agree to let them stay on one condition they must be married.Parag poses as Jayeshs wife, Kareena, and Bhavesh as Karishma, Parikshits wife. Jayesh gets the job and will get the allotment to the flat in fifteen days time. Ballu Singh and Sweety leave to pick up Sweetys sister, Kalpana Celina Jaitley. When they arrive home, Jayeshs girlfriend, Alpita Riya Sen, arrives with them and sees the four friends having what she believes is sex. She is instantly outraged at Jayesh and leaves him. Meanwhile, Parag seeks permission to marry Seema from her father Paintel and Bhavesh, while wooing Kalpana, finds himself in a situation where Ronnie tries to rape Karishma and in the process of saving Bhavesh, Jayesh nearly drowns him by accident. ........

Source: Wikipedia