Pepe Arias

Pepe Arias was an Argentine actor and comedian.

Jos Pablo Arias Martinez was born in the former Mercado de Abasto district of Buenos Aires onJanuary 1900. He first appeared on stage in 1916, and became a remarkable stage actor in grotesque, comedy and drama roles. In 1922 the influence of the company of Madame Rasimi and her BaTaCln, arrived from Paris, established the structure of the Buenos Aires revue. Arias learned his art among the founders of Argentine theater, such as Luis Arata and Enrique Da Rosas. He perfected all the elements of farce and grotesque, with his face painted with extreme makeup. He also played serious roles, and earned the Municipal Award for best dramatic actor for his performance in Ovid by Laurent Doillet at the Odeon Theatre in 1942.

Source: Wikipedia